What is 4M Storytelling?

Your mind is already seeking to answer the question. Let’s work with that. Judging by the title, you probably (and correctly) assume that the subject has something to do with storytelling. Will it help you to be a better storyteller? What about the 4M part? If you imagine what it could be, ideally, what would it be? Should you choose to master whatever it actually is, you will discover that it is in the service of the very thing you just imagined. That's right – it can bend to your will and take up the shape you need it to be. This is the beginning of a story in which you will learn something that will facilitate the blossoming of your creative energies. Let’s explore this tale.


4M Storytelling is a method of four Modules (hence the “4M”) that uses visible thinking and storytelling to analyse and streamline otherwise complex issues. Each Module engages a different – yet related – area of social activity:

  1. Creative Expression – using narrative structures to form a coherent plot for creative content.
  2. Media & Advocacy – promoting ideas by applying critical thinking.
  3. Participation – analysing different social groups to find mutual solutions.
  4. Fundraising – outlining serious project endeavours by simplifying their complexity.

4M Storytelling can be used both for individual endeavours and group work and collaboration. We found advantages to both. If you use it solo, you can easily organise thoughts, fill in gaps and discover otherwise hidden insights. Within a group setting, you can learn how everyone sees different aspects of a topic, determine consensual perspectives, and make it easy to share understandable outlines with other parties.

The method can be utilised in various settings. You can obviously use it privately, between friends and family. You can introduce it in an educational and academic context – as a tool to use in activities with your pupils and students. In a business environment, 4M Storytelling is an efficient instrument for development and cooperation.

You can find more information about 4M Storytelling in the User guide.

Take Part in the Story

Should you need further advice or ideas or just want to be a part of our community, we have much to share on our official Discord server, so please join us and our conversations here: https://discord.gg/RrWBNDBqYP

Project partners

4M Storytelling is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and co-developed by eight partners across six countries (in alphabetical order):